Reference Book

The ultimate fragrance reference book, universally regarded as the fragrance ‘bible’. This bilingual English and French guide remains perfumery’s most comprehensive and accurate classification reference. Dubbed the ‘perfume experts’ expert’, Edwards is the industry’s only impartial and independent authority. He makes no charge for listing or classifying new fragrances. He declines both advertising and sponsorship.

Reference Book 2020 & 2021

This edition is the first in a new series of Fragrances of the World reference books. Going forward, each reference book will list the fragrances launched during the two previous years in their respective fragrance families; with this edition featuring almost 5000 launches from 2020 & 2021. A collectible and very useful reference library that will grow with each new edition.

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A great perfume is a work of art. It can LIFT OUR DAYS, HAUNT OUR NIGHTS and CREATE THE MILESTONES OF OUR MEMORIES. Perfume is liquid emotions.

– Michael Edwards, Author of Perfume Legends


His annual reference, Fragrances of the World® , started in 1983 as a simple guide for retailers, listing just 323 fragrances. Today, it has become the industry’s most comprehensive classification of fragrances, universally regarded as the fragrance ‘bible’. It makes finding a new fragrance an exciting journey rather than a difficult chore.

Edwards’ Fragrance Wheel, the nose ‘map’ he developed to explain the relationship between the 14 different fragrance families, has become a universal icon of perfume classification: Google ‘fragrance+wheel’ to check how many millions of links result.